The local “Shoes for Schools” programme run through the Care Trust, provided 2404 pairs of New Balance running shoes to children in thirteen Decile 1 and 2 primary schools in the Porirua area over  three years.

The Trust would especially like to thank New Balance, The Sutherland Self Help Trust and the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle Trust for their generous support in this project which is now noted as being phase 1.

We are now working on phase 2, which is to provide more quality shoes to ALL Decile 1 schools. This project is known as “Shoes for Schools NZ” and is currently in the initial planning stage. It is envisaged that all Decile 1 Primary, Intermediate and Secondary school children in New Zealand will be fitted with new shoes. Every school will be visited by the Trust.

We will update this page when details come to hand.





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North Porirua Care Centre

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